Stealth horror-shooter ‘Gloomwood’ has a release date

First-person stealth-horror 'Gloomwood' will release into early access on August 16 after being revealed two years ago

Gloomwood is a stealth horror FPS from the publisher of Dusk, Amid Evil, Ultrakill and Faith, and is set to release into Early Access on August 16 2022.

Describing the game as a “frightening, gothic immersive sim full of haunted streets, dark tunnels and decadent mansions”, the Steam page for Gloomwood has been showing a “Soon™” release date, but in The PC Gaming Show it was announced the game would enter early access August 16.

Freeform exploration through an eerie, intricate city allows the player to make their own decisions about their route. Tread carefully or prepare to get very loud, as stealth is key in Gloomwood.


Scavenging for materials and weapons can provide customisation to optimise your capabilities of survival against ghastly hordes of enemies and foes with impressively precise specialist skills, like the cadaver-seeking Corpse Duster.

Since its announcement in 2020, Gloomwood has seen a variety of updates along the development road. Back in 2021, Developers Dillon Rogers and David Szymanski announced a physical inventory system, where players can click and drag objects from the game world to be able to carry them. A new silenced pistol, the Undertaker, was also added to the game which fires specialty ammunition such as incendiary rounds. Lights were also said to be destructible, allowing players to double-down on stealth and creep along in total darkness.

Players can wishlist Gloomwood on Steam now ahead of its early access release on August 16.

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