Steam Next Fest is live now with “hundreds” of playable demos

With "oodles of livestreams" to boot

The latest Steam Next Fest is live, and there are “hundreds” of demos that players can try out.

Having kicked off yesterday, the Steam Next Fest will be running until next Monday (February 28) and features a huge range of demos for you to check out. The official landing page features live broadcasts of various demos being played, giving would-be players a taste of what a game might be like before they try out the demo.

Like in previous iterations, this February’s Steam Next Fest lets you peruse various categories and genres, making it a bit easier to look through the supposed “hundreds” of demos.


On the action front, there’s a demo for the card-based, speedrunning FPS Neon White, which was first announced as part of a Nintendo Direct. You use cards to do various actions, which change depending on the card you get. One option is to use the card as a weapon, or alternatively, you can use it to pull off some parkour moves.

There are of course plenty of sim games to choose from at the Steam Next fest, including a demo for Food Truck Simulator. If you’re wondering what Food Truck Simulator is about, it does what it says on the tin. You run a food truck, which involves coming up with recipes to serve customers across the city and renovating your truck.

There’s also a plethora of RPGs to choose from at the Steam Next Fest, such as a demo for Small Saga, an isometric RPG game with very SNES-like graphics. Set beneath the streets of London, you play as a mouse on a tale of revenge as they seek out the god who stole their tail.

In other news, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy apparently did not meet sales expectations for Square Enix.