‘Stellaris: Overlord’ bugs were caused by rushed features says director

"...I approved several changes and additions at the last minute that I really shouldn’t have"

Paradox Interactive has addressed the Stellaris bugs following the release of its Overlord expansion, saying it was due to rushed features.

In a new forum post detailing the newest hotfix that will be introduced to Stellaris, game director Stephen Muray shared the details and addressed the reasons for why the update is coming (via, PC GamesN).

“It’s a pretty long list for a hotfix, and to be completely honest, that’s my fault,” Muray said. “In our eagerness to get Overlord out to you in the best shape possible, I approved several changes and additions at the last minute that I really shouldn’t have.


Stellaris: Overlord
Stellaris: Overlord. Credit: Paradox Interactive

“Some of the threads have mentioned that we have some bugs in the launch version that weren’t in the prerelease streams – that’s completely accurate.”

Muray went on to explain further how the features caused the bugs, using the example of the change that the developer made to how AI acceptance of tithes and subsidies worked in order to close an exploit that we identified. “I should have let the exploit ship, known issued it, and given the change a proper QA and balance pass rather than rushing it in. I’ll do so in the future,” the director said.

The hotfix includes a range of updates, including one that fixes trade deals that were being accepted and cancelled immediately after, as well as one where Legacy Human portraits have been re-added as an option in empire creation.

In NME’s four-star review of Stellaris: Overlord, Nice Reuben said, “Paradox has made a pro-player choice in divvying up the paid vs free new content, making Overlord feel like a less essential purchase than it otherwise could.”


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