‘Stellaris’ will add a “majestic space dragon” with next expansion

The Aquatic Species Pack will mark the second cod to launch this month

Grand strategy sci-fi game Stellaris will be adding a “majestic space dragon” – among many other things – when it launches its Aquatics Species Pack next week.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the Aquatics Species Pack will launch as DLC (downloadable content) for Stellaris on November 22.

The biggest addition in the Aquatics Species Pack is a brand-new extra-terrestrial dragon, which the Steam page describes as a “majestic space dragon”. In one of the new origins that will be available with the DLC, players can choose to have their planet circled by an “ancient mythical beast”.


How you play the game will affect if this dragon is friend or foe. As the Steam page explains, “your relationship with this proud creature will determine the lengths she will be willing to go to either defend or destroy you”. Keeping it on your good side might be a good idea, as the page further mentions that “you’d be wise to avoid displeasing it”.

Moving away from the giant space dragon, there’s lots of other aquatic-themed content coming to Stellaris. A new Ascension perk will allow players to terraform planets into oceanic worlds, and they can also “build the sandcastles of space” by making planets bigger with water taken from other planets.

Within these aquatic worlds, players will be able to harvest various seafaring goods such as seafood and pearls that can be sold for profit.

As players go about their watery goings-on, there’s also fifteen new portraits available to “help you embrace your fishy new existence” and get into character.


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