Store listings suggest ‘Alan Wake’ remaster is coming in October

The game has shown up for pre-order on Taiwanese retail sites

A remaster of Alan Wake has not been officially confirmed by Remedy Entertainment but it appears that pre-orders for the game have already appeared online.

The listings came from industry insider Wario64 who previously found listings of the unannounced remaster and Final Fantasy VII Remake in the Epic Games Store‘s digital backend.

They posted a screenshot and links to online retailer Rakuten’s Taiwanese store page for PS4, PS5, and Xbox versions for Alan Wake where the game is listed for release on October 5.


While those links are no longer live, PC Gamer has also pointed to a link to the PS4 version, available to pre-order from separate Taiwanese retailer Ruten with the same “10/5” date. Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst of the Asian games market, also chimed in to say that the remaster will officially “be announced next week”.

Next week is of course when the PlayStation Showcase 2021 will also be airing, so there is a possibility Remedy will make an announcement then.

Remedy’s next project however is in partnership with Epic Games, as part of a two-project deal, the first which officially “moved into full production”, according to an investor report last month. While there is no official confirmation, rumours suggest that this is the long-anticipated sequel to Alan Wake.

The Stephen King-inspired character also resurfaced in last year’s Control: AWE, an expansion to Control, which was also included in the game’s ultimate edition released for next-gen consoles.


Earlier this week, publisher 505 Games admitted it could have handled Control‘s next-gen upgrades better after backlash over how only players who purchased Control: Ultimate Edition were eligible for a generational upgrade.

Similarly, Sony has also u-turned over PS4-to-PS5 upgrades for Horizon Forbidden West, while confirming that future upgrades to first-party titles from PS4 to PS5 will cost an additional $10.

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