‘Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’ trailer features Frank Sinatra

Nu-metal, Sinatra, and killing chaos

A new trailer for the Team Ninja developed and Square Enix published Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin features a song from none other than Frank Sinatra.

Clocking in at almost five minutes, the trailer (which can be watched below) shows off some more vague character interactions and story details from Stranger of Paradise, which is set to launch on March 18 this year for PS4 and PS5.

Talk of crystals and chaos score the Souls-like gameplay and typically cheesy cutscenes. The alternate universe retelling of the original Final Fantasy will see the characters face off against Chaos, oh, and it’s scored by Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’.


With the arrival of the game’s final trailer, the internet has been aflame with excited players astounded by the game’s writing and themes, but equally eager to see what it has to offer.

In the NME preview for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, contributor Jordan Oloman wrote: “After the events of the demo, Jack and his buddies meet up with a new party member, Neon. From what I can gather you’ll be able to mix and match from a pool of characters in the full game. Neon tries to tell Jack something about chaos, but Jack doesn’t like that one bit.

“He says something to the tune of “that’s bullshit,” before brandishing his smartphone, playing some nu-metal out loud in the middle of a fantasy castle and walking away from the situation. Everyone just follows him out, unquestioning, as the music subsumes any chance of conversation.”

Exactly what Stranger of Paradise will end up being remains to be seen, although many are understandably intrigued by the idea.


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