‘Stranger Things VR’ trailer: battle monsters as Vecna in the Upside Down

Wreak havoc on Hawkins in autumn 2023

A new trailer for Stranger Things VR has been released – check it out below.

Following its initial announcement back in November for Stranger Things Day, a gameplay trailer for the upcoming VR title from developer Tender Claws debuted on Thursday (June 1) during the Meta Gaming Showcase.

As shown in the trailer, you’ll play as season four villain Vecna, who can grab, crush and throw monsters in the Upside Down using telekinesis. According to a press release, you’ll also inhabit “the dreams and memories” of characters like Will Byers and Billy Hargrove from the Netflix series and “manipulate them to do your bidding”.


A synopsis reads: “Players will invade the dreams and memories of fan-favourite characters and harness telekinetic powers to possess minds and battle creatures, as Henry Creel’s transformation into Vecna and his influence on the events of prior seasons is revealed.”

Stranger Things VR is scheduled to be released in autumn 2023 on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

Netflix has released various Stranger Things tie-in games in the past, including 2017’s Stranger Things and 2019’s Stranger Things 3: The Game from developer BonusXP. These were both released as part of the launch for Netflix’s gaming service.

Other spin-offs include 2021’s Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, described as a puzzle action RPG for mobile platforms.

Production on the fifth and final season of Stranger Things has been paused in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strikes. You can check out every TV show and film affected here.

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