‘Stray’ is Steam Deck verified as it tops wishlist chart

The cat adventure game has knocked 'The Day Before' from the number one slot

Stray has been declared Steam Deck verified as it becomes the number one title on Steam’s wishlist chart.

The cat adventure game is due for release July 19 and today (July 8) publishers Annapurna Interactive revealed that Stray has been Steam Deck verified, meaning it will run on the console without any issues.


It also looks like Stray has knocked survival horror game The Day Before from the top spot of Steam’s wishlist chart.

It’s not known if this change at the top is because of The Day Before’s delay, the revelation that developers Fntastic has been using unpaid volunteers to help finish the title, or the excitement around Stray’s imminent release.

However, as explained in a GameDiscoverCo newsletter last month (and reported by PCGamer), this doesn’t mean Stray has been wishlisted more than any other game.

“The ‘top wishlists’ Steam chart is not 100% how many total wishlists you’ve received,” wrote Simon Carless. “It’s majority that, but also affected by wishlist velocity. So games adding wishlists swiftly can chart higher. And games with lots of wishlists, but adding literally zero may not appear at all.”

After attending a hands-off preview, NME wrote: “Somehow, Stray‘s impressive animation isn’t the real reason it makes the main character feeling like a living, purring cat. While it looks fantastic – and slightly hypnotic – to see the game’s protagonist pad through Stray‘s mysterious cyberpunk setting, it goes a step further by allowing you to properly embody a cat’s penchant for chaos.”


“Rooftop ledges, window sills and tables are often dotted with precariously-placed objects that are only there to tempt players into mischief – with the press of a button, Stray‘s cat can innocently extend their paw toward something to give it a nudge. ‘No item can remain on a table at any sort of height’ says a BlueTwelve developer, with the weary sigh of a cat owner who knows that far too well.”

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