‘Stray’ patch tidies up launch issues

Launch issues and collision fixes are being addressed

Stray has received a second update which fixes some issues and adds features that fans of the game have been asking for.

In the patch notes it is noted that additional fullscreen options have been added, including “proper exclusive fullscreen support” as well as an engine fix for some users unable to boot due to GPU driver issues.

Players had been finding ways to take their furry friend out of bounds with some even falling straight through the map, so collision fixes have been implemented in order to prevent going out of the world.


An uncapped frame rate option was confusing fans as it was to the left-most side of the scroller. That’s now been moved all the way to the right, to place it in the logical order.

Stray, Credit: BlueTwelve Studio.
Stray, Credit: BlueTwelve Studio.

The scratch trophy wasn’t always triggering for those playing on keyboard and mouse, so a fix has been added for this, as well as localisation fixes for German players. The final additions are some checks to ensure VR headsets don’t interfere with the game.

This second patch will no doubt be welcomed by those enjoying the game but experiencing issues, but according to this Reddit thread, the biggest problem affecting gamers currently is that the world and environments are so complex that a stutter is happening where systems are having shader compilation issues. Shader compilation is the process by which shading language scripts are loaded into the game to be used as shaders.

Annapurna Interactive’s newest game, Stray has been taking the internet by storm with a dedicated Twitter page being set up to showcase real-life cats’ reactions to the tiny ginger feline protagonist. In its first day it had already smashed Annapurna’s previous records for the most people concurrently in-game on Steam.

In other news, a month-long delay of Diablo Immortal in China was allegedly caused by a social media post comparing Chinese president Xi Jinping to Winnie The Pooh.

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