Streamlabs implements new Safe Mode to tackle hate raids on Twitch

The news follows a recent boycott by streamers on the platform

Streamlabs has released a new Safe Mode designed to tackle Twitch hate raids after a large-scale streaming community boycott.

Streamlabs is one of the most common tools for livestreaming, often being used to complement Twitch’s features with additional settings and support. As such, the new mode will be available to many in the streaming community, although many pointed out that the update did not come from Twitch itself.

The Twitch community organised a boycott of the service with the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch, with the aim of bringing awareness to “hate raids” which contribute to harassment issues on the platform. The boycott was aimed at both the online trolls who target mass torrents of abuse at streamers, particularly creators from POC, LGBTQ+, or other marginalised backgrounds – and the lack of action from Twitch in response.


According to the official announcement page, Streamlabs “believes in fostering a supportive environment to ensure a positive experience for our streamers and their viewers. You and your community should feel safe to express yourselves without fear of being harassed.”

Safe Mode clears all recent events, clears currently queued follower/raid/host alerts, disables follower alerts, clears chat history, and can control whether chat is emote, follower, or sub-only. “With this new feature,” reads the post, “we hope to give you even more control over your channel and the ability to maintain a safe, positive environment for you and your viewers.”

The #ADayOffTwitch protest reportedly caused viewership to drop by around 1million, although Twitch is yet to comment.

In other news related to Twitch, streamer Dr Disrespect says he is suing the platform after being banned for an unknown reason back in June 2020.

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