‘Stuntfest – World Tour’ renames to ‘Jected – Rivals’ with free Early Access launch

The stunt-racing game will remain in Early Access for four to eight months

THQ Nordic has announced that Stuntfest – World Tour has been renamed to Jected – Rivals, and will launch with Early Access next week.

Under its new title, Jected – Rivals will launch through Steam Early Access on May 4, and will be free-to-play.

Developed by Misbits creator Pow Wow Entertainment and published by THQ Nordic, Jected – Rivals is a racing game that tasks players with using stunt cars, ejecting seats and gliders to beat other players.


The game’s Steam page describes Jected – Rivals as a “sweet adrenaline-kicking mix between racing and extreme sports,” with some of its racetracks encouraging players to eject from their cars to fly over obstacles.

“Characters turn into living projectiles, ejected out of the vehicles and catapulted hundreds of meters through the air,” the page reads.”The player maintains control when maneuvering their character while hurtling over vast distances and after crashing through unpredictable obstacles. Up in the air, the player can take advantage of quirky gadgets to reach secret shortcuts and turn the tables at the last second.”

You can check out a glimpse of the game in action below.


While matches begin with 18 players, the game’s round-based elimination formula means players are slowly knocked out as a “wild selection” of race variants play out. A number of playtests for Jected have been held since it was announced last year, with the latest taking place in March.

Besides its stunt races, Jected – Rivals will also feature an arena for players to meet up and customise both their character and cars.


Jected – Rivals is expected to remain in Early Access for four to eight months, and will feature 13 different events when it launches next week.

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