Suda51 really wants to make a ‘Deadpool’ game with Marvel

A dream for now but we can all hope

In a No More Heroes 3 launch live stream with IGN, director Goichi Suda – aka Suda51 – has stated that he would “love to work with Marvel” on a Deadpool game or similar.

As part of the No More Heroes 3 launch live stream, Suda had a lot to say about the future for Grasshopper. In the 2 hour video, he explained that Grasshopper Manufacture is currently working on three new original IPs over the next ten years but didn’t go into detail about what they might be.

One project could potentially be Hotel Barcelona, the much-discussed horror game that Suda occasionally refers to when interviewed but hasn’t yet seen the light of day. However, one pivotal name that did pop up from Suda was Deadpool.


Near the end of the video, Suda explained that “the kind of thing I’d love to do is, I’d love to work with Marvel like on a Shatterstar or Deadpool or something very Grasshopper-y. Like maybe a Quicksilver title.”

Shortly after that, he made a cheeky comment, hopeful that Marvel would take note of his interest.

While such ideas are no guarantee of it ever coming to fruition, such news is bound to excite many fans. With the recent news that No More Heroes 3 will be the final entry in the series, all eyes are on what’s next for Grasshopper and Suda.

In NME’s three-star review of No More Heroes 3, Adam Cook wrote that the game “might just blow your mind” with “compelling, exciting combat”, as well as “a bizarre and always entertaining story”, but warns that only the fans will overlook its “mundane mini-games in an open world that’s awful to look at”.

In other news, the revised PS5 model may be ‘worse’ due to significantly reduced cooling, according to a tech YouTuber.

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