‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ to bring three classic ‘Mario’ games to the Switch

‘Super Mario 64’, ‘Super Mario Sunshine’ and ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ will make up the collection

Nintendo has announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a collection of classic titles starring the famous mascot for the Nintendo Switch.

The collection was revealed to contain Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Fans won’t have to wait long to pick up the bundle as it’s set to be released on September 18.

The one caveat is that the game will be a time-limited title, meaning that it will only be available physically and digitally until March 31, 2021. Nintendo has not stated any reason for the time exclusivity.


All three games have been optimised for the Nintendo Switch, including updated HD graphics, 16:9 ratio and Joy-Con support, so that games such as Super Mario Galaxy can be played with motion controls, similarly to its original Wii release.

There will also be an in-game music player which contains 175 songs from across all three titles. The music can even be listened to while the screen is off.

You can watch the reveal trailer below:

Fans can pre-order the game directly from the Nintendo Store now, with a retail price of £49.99GBP/$59.99USD.

The news of its arrival came part of a 35th Anniversary Direct. To celebrate the plumber’s birthday, Nintendo announced multiple new games. Included in the selection was a port of the Wii U title Super Mario 3D World and a real-world version of Mario Kart.


It was also revealed that a collectors version of the Game & Watch console would be releasing and includes Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and a special version of Ball with a Mario makeover.

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword could also be appearing on the console in the near future as a recent Amazon listing suggested towards its arrival.