‘Super Mario’ trainer collection announced by Puma

The trainers celebrate 'Super Mario 64', 'Sunshine' and 'Galaxy'

Nintendo and Puma have announced a new shoe collaboration to celebrate Super Mario‘s 35th anniversary, with four pairs of themed trainers set for release on November 27.

The three main trainers are based on the three games in this year’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. The ‘Future Rider’ is based on Super Mario 64 with a nod to the plumber’s winged cap, and also features the green grass and iconic brown blocks.

‘The Clyde’ represents the sun and surf of Super Mario Sunshine with yellow laces, a big blue splash from F.L.U.D.D and a Shine Sprite detail on the back.


The ‘RS-Fast’ variant rounds out the trio, mirroring Super Mario Galaxy‘s cosmic theme with black, purple, metallic silver and white colouring, as well as galaxy graphics and a cute Luma graphic.

Alongside the announcement, Puma also announced a ‘Future Rider’ that is decked out in classic NES colours, which is set for release on December 4.

Nes Puma Trainers
NES Trainers. Credit: Puma and Nintendo

These designs follow on from the previously released Super Mario 64 ‘RS-Dreamers’ that was released in September.

Leaked images of Galaxy and Sunshine ‘RS-Dreamers’ had fans expecting their releases, but as of yet the trainers haven’t appeared despite fans asking Puma directly.


According to Nintendo Wire, the Sunshine ‘RS-Dreamers’ have been confirmed alongside the four other trainers, though the press release only makes passing mention of them — and so far the Galaxy ‘RS-Dreamers’ appear to be absent from the line-up.

NME reviewed the Super Mario 3D All-Star collection back in September and described it as “the portable package we’ve all been waiting for” and “a lovingly crafted set of ports that complement rather than intrude upon the original experience”.

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