‘Super Mario 64’ breaks video game auction record

A little out of budget for many

A rare, pristine, unopened copy of Super Mario 64 has broken the record for most expensive video game sold at auction, selling for an impressive £1,124,000 ($1,560,000 USD).

The news comes less than two days after The Legend of Zelda broke the previous record when it sold at auction for $870,000.

Listed on Heritage Auctions, the sealed copy of the 1996 game received a 9.8 A++ Wata grading, the highest possible rating possible. In the listing, the auction site described the discovery as making them “a bit speechless” at the condition of this copy of Super Mario 64 being “so breath-taking”.


Suggesting that “this is not an opportunity to waste”, a bidding war then ensured that the Nintendo classic sold for the considerable sum of $1,560,000 knocking the previous most expensive video game price out of the park.

The sale comes only a few months after a rare copy of Super Mario Bros for NES broke an earlier record selling for £477,000 ($660,000 USD) at auction in April, again during a sale by Heritage Auctions. In the case of Super Mario Bros, that game earned a 9.6 rating for its condition and an A+ rating for the seal quality.

In other Super Mario news, a new Super Mario World emulation will finally let fans play the classic game in widescreen thanks to the efforts of a keen fan.

Super Mario World Widescreen launched just before E3 2021, and will allow players to experience the retro side-scroller in 16:9 aspect ratio – a big difference from its original 4:3 view.

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