‘Super Mario Bros 35’ turns the classic platformer into a battle royale

Run, jump and stomp your way to victory

Mario will join the crowded battle royale genre when Super Mario Bros 35 launches on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Using the visual art style of classic Super Mario Bros. games, the game pits 35 players online against each other until one player is the last Mario standing. Each player can stomp on enemies to send them to other players courses in an attempt to stop them. An item roulette can also be purchased with coins to gift classic Mario power-ups such as the star ability to power through the level for a brief amount of time.

The right-analogue stick offers the option to choose from one of four different strategies – lowest time, most coins, attackers, and random. These can be used in an attempt to gain an edge in the battle and emerge victorious.


A reveal trailer has released with the announcement, harkening back to the classic Super Mario Bros. days by using 8-bit visuals and classic sounds of yesteryear to showcase the game in action. The upcoming game will release on October 1 as a digital-only title on the Nintendo eShop, available for a limited time until March 31, 2021

Check out the trailer below:

Today (September 3) saw multiple Mario gaming announcements as a Nintendo Direct dropped to celebrate the popular character’s 35th anniversary. Other classic games in the franchise have also been given a revival, including Super Mario 3D World, which aims to give the Wii U game a new lease of life on the Nintendo Switch with brand new content.

Mario Kart is also set to receive a unique new iteration, as the latest entry blends R/C cars to create real-world tracks. Players will be able to play a physical version of the game from their own home as the game uses augmented reality to be controlled from the console.


In other Nintendo related news, the company has introduced the ability for digital game pre-orders to be cancelled on the Switch system. Now, players will have up until seven days to cancel an upcoming game if they choose so.

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