‘Super Mario Odyssey’ mod adds multiplayer for up to ten players

The mod even features a hide and seek mode

A Super Mario Odyssey modder has released an unofficial expansion that allows up to ten players to explore the game in a multiplayer mode.

Mod creator Crafty Boss has released an unofficial mod for Super Mario Odyssey which allows up to ten players in multiplayer mode. It has to be used on a modded Nintendo Switch Console and requires a ROM of Super Mario Odyssey, but for those in the know this multiplayer mode could add a new dimension to the popular game (via VGC).

The mod enables players to explore all Kingdoms in the game with up to ten people, and sync their progress when collecting Moons. Character customisation is also available, with all outfits from the original game compatible with the mod, too.


Those interested in the mod can find out more by joining this Discord server.

Despite being tested since late 2021, the mod is still in “early development” and players are asked to “expect bugs and un-refined aspects” whilst the creator works on a more polished and improved version.

The mod also features a ‘Hide and Seek’ mode, where players will select seekers at the beginning of each round and a kingdom to hide in. There’s a timer on the top right-hand side of the screen which increases whilst they hide. When a seeker gets close enough, the player will die and respawn as a seeker.

If a player dies by any other means during the game, they will also become a seeker. Spawn point camping is prevented by a five-second invincibility granted to players upon going through doors or pipes. The round is won by the player who has accumulated the most time. This unique new mode suggests other game modes might be added to the mod, with things like prop hunt suggested across social media by fans.

In other news, the former BioWare boss has said that studios need to set better expectations surrounding release schedules.

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