‘Super Mario World’ original soundtrack reconstructed from leaked files

""if Kondo wasn't limited to the small sound ram size, and he could use sounds to their fullest?"

Fans have restored Super Mario Worlds Soundtrack by using files found in Nintendo “gigaleak” from 2020.

Twitter user The Brickster was able to find the proper names for many of the original instrument samples used for Super Mario World, which has enabled people to find the original source samples for the OST.

The Brickster explained that the samples were found after the leaked files were discovered to contain the source code for the GBA game Super Mario Advanced. Reused samples from the SNES original were referenced in this code, and as such people were then able to find the original synth samples.


When pieced together with already existing notation, people were able to restore the OST to what it may have sounded like before being processed and compressed by the SNES’s soundchip.

A video below links to a playlist of the songs that have been reconstructed:

In a later thread, The Brickster has addressed people’s criticisms of the reconstructed tracks, saying that  “Truthfully, these tracks were likely not designed with the full patches in mind.”

He continues to say that as “no demo versions of tracks for Super Mario World were ever officially released” these are the an experiment in seeing what Koji Kondo’s 30 year old original tracks may have sounded like “if Kondo wasn’t limited to the small sound ram size, and he could use sounds to their fullest?”


In other Mario news, a recent preview of event held at Japan’s the Super Nintendo World has resulted in videos of the park experience and ride being shared online.

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