‘Super Monkey Ball’ is coming to ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’

Get an exclusive AiAi outfit to celebrate 20 years of 'Monkey Ball'

Super Monkey Ball is coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in the form of an exclusive costume to celebrate 20 years of the rolling platform game – check out the trailer below.

Available today (September 27) until Thursday (September 30), the AiAi costume (complete with trademark orange ‘A’ shirt and oversized ears) will cost players 10 crowns from ingame stores – 5 for the top half, 5 for the bottom.

“Please note, shrieking “YO-HO!” as you qualify is optional, but 100% advised for competitive play,” reads the announcement.


It’s perfectly timed as well. In July, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout announced that its fifth season would be Jungle Adventure with a bunch of Disney’s The Jungle Book rewards released earlier this month.

And next month, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania is released.

Banana Mania will include more than 300 stages from the series’ 20-year history, chiefly Super Monkey Ball (2001), Super Monkey Ball 2 (2002), and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (2005), all remastered in HD for modern consoles. It will also pack in remakes of the series’ various mini-games, including Monkey Racing, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Baseball.

It will also feature special guests, with Sonic & Tails, Hello Kitty and Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series all present as playable or unlockable characters from the moment the game is released on October 5.

It was also recently revealed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has earned a Guinness World Record after becoming the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time.


In other news, Nintendo has revealed the complete list of every minigame playable in Mario Party Superstars, taken from the N64Gamecube, Wii and Wii U eras of the franchise.

Playable across 5 classic boards, the game pulls from across the 23-year history of Mario Party with 100 games available to play at launch.

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