Supermassive Games teases ‘The Quarry’ with full reveal imminent

Later today, in fact

Supermassive Games has teased its latest game The Quarry, with more to come later today (March 17).

On Twitter, Supermassive Games stated “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” and shared a short teaser trailer for The Quarry. An “all-new” horror experience, the game is set to launch in summer and will be published by 2K. The teaser also shared that fans won’t have long to wait for more information – come 4PM UK time, we’re expecting to see the full reveal of the game.


Previously, all we knew about the game was that it existed. Back in February 2022, Supermassive Games trademarked the name ‘The Quarry’. It was filed under the categories common with console and PC releases.

The game would mark the first non-Dark Pictures Anthology release for the company since 2018. The news followed the announcement that the developer had also trademarked six more Dark Pictures games. The last Dark Pictures game, House of Ashes, was warmly received despite some issues.

In NME’s four-star review of House of Ashes, Dominic Preston said: “House of Ashes is far from perfect, and the Dark Pictures system still shows room for improvement. But both mechanically and narratively this is its best outing yet – by far – and horror fans happy with an interactive narrative will find more to love here than ever before”.

For now though, little is known about The Quarry other than the tantalising teaser trailer. The trailer has a couple tell a police officer that they swerved to avoid something that jumped out of them. Intriguingly, the pair are heading to a summer camp but are then told that they won’t make it there “tonight”, suggesting things will be taking a very bad turn for them.

In other gaming news, the latest Lost Ark update has fixed daylight savings errors as well as issued compensation for affected players.

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