‘Surviving Mars’ is free to keep on Steam right now for a very limited time

The sci-fi city builder resumed development earlier this year

Paradox Interactive is letting players keep Surviving Mars for free on Steam in a very time-limited promotion, and that offer expires today (September 8).

Unlike time-limited free trial promotions, anyone who adds Surviving Mars (usually priced at £26.99) to their Steam account during this offer window will be able to keep the game in their library forever.

The offer is only for 24 hours, and is set to end on September 8 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST.


Players will only be able to redeem the base game, as this promotion is an incentive to buy the new Surviving Mars: Below And Beyond expansion that just launched yesterday (September 7) and is available for £15.49.

This takes the Mars-based colony sim beneath the surface into caves and lava tubes complete with underground-specific buildings, although there are risks of cave-ins that can potentially destroy everything.

Players will also be able to mine new resources both underground and beyond the red planet. For instance, it will be possible to construct special rocket-propelled buildings to mine resources from passing asteroids. New Recon and Expansion research trees meanwhile also unlock additional buildings, vehicles, upgrades, and locales.

The new expansion continues as part of Paradox’s reboot of Surviving Mars earlier this year when Abstract Games took over development and added two new updates, include the free Tourism update and In-Dome Buildings pack.


Elsewhere, No Man’s Sky has finally hit “mostly positive” reviews on Steam five years after launching. The procedurally generated survival space sim had overpromised when it first released in August 2016, resulting in a negative reception overall.

However, both the developer Hello Games and a devoted community have stuck by it, and it appears all the updates and new content have paid off.