‘Surviving Mars’ resumes development and receives two new updates

Abstraction Games have taken over development of the strategy title

Paradox Interactive has restarted development on Surviving Mars, and a free update is being released on Monday (March 15).

Development of Surviving Mars has been restarted after Paradox assigned the title to Abstraction Games.

They have since revealed that a “fully-featured Surviving Mars expansion is in the works” and is set to launch in 2021.


To celebrate the announcement, the Tourism Update will be releasing for free. The update will revamp tourist behaviour, add new buildings such as Hotels, and the give players the ability to create a Rover Safari to entertain guests.

Tourists will come away from their visit with a Holiday Experience rating, which will determine the rewards, future funds and tourist applicants that player can receive.

Alongside the Tourism Update, the In-Dome Buildings pack will be released for £3.99 on Steam and all other available storefronts. The pack is developed in partnership with community modder Silva, and will add 8 new buildings as well as a range of technical aditions to housing and community options.

Surviving Mars was originally released in 2018, and developed by Haemimont Games. In 2019 it received its last major expansion, Green Planet.

Soon after, Haemimont were acquired by Frontier Publishing, known for strategy titles such as Planet Zoo and Jurassic World Evolution.


The Paradox Insider Event which aired yesterday (March 13) featured news of multiple updates to strategy titles, including Crusader Kings III and Europa Universalis IV.

Alongside the updates for Surviving Mars, Paradox’s sci-fi strategy game Stellaris received an announcement for the release date of its next DLC, the Nemesis expansion. The expansion will let players trigger an endgame crisis event, or become a Galactic Custodian and attempt to prevent said crisis.