‘Sweet Surrender’ releases for PCVR and Oculus Quest next week

Cell-shaded roguelike Sweet Surrender arrives next week

Salmi Games is releasing cell-shaded roguelike shooter Sweet Surrender for PCVR and Oculus headsets next week.

Sweet Surrender is a VR only shooter set in a dystopian megatower. The large structure is infested with robots that will need to be shot and blown up as players fight their way to the summit. Sweet Surrender releases on September 30 for PCVR and Oculus Quest.

Players will be armed with an array of weapons, tools and explosives, and hidden areas can be accessed by destroying walls. Enemies have weak points that those with careful aim can exploit. Sweet Surrender features rapid movement aided by ziplines and grapple hooks.


Throughout runs, players can find upgrade ships that can improve their abilities. Weapons can be upgraded with EMP effects. Movement speed can be increased, and energy can be siphoned from enemies.

Each playthrough is procedurally generated, so no run in Sweet Surrender is identical. The Steam page says, “A fresh challenge with each playthrough, encounter new variations of levels that introduce different threats and opportunities. Find secrets hidden away, reveal notes from the past. Encounter monstrous enemies that weren’t there the last time you visited.”

Players can carry progression over from one run to the next. As players achieve new milestones, they will unlock new starting builds to change their playstyle. Cosmetics can also be unlocked for weapons and equipment. “Discover new weapon effects and combine upgrades to become an ever more ruthless rogue human combatant.”

Another new VR game has also been announced, as Ultrawings 2 is coming to VR systems next February. Ultrawings 2 is an open-world aerial adventure made for VR, where players can use in-game motion controls or peripherals such as a gamepad or hands-on throttle and stick setup to pilot their way around a VR world. Players earn in-game money by completing missions, which can then be used to purchase aircraft and islands.


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