Switch OLED only improves screen – but dock available separately

Sittin' on the dock of the bay

The upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED model will not boast any other hardware upgrades over the existing console beyond the improved screen, Nintendo has confirmed.

When the new Nintendo Switch OLED model was revealed yesterday (July 6), many players were caught unawares – not because it was unexpected, but rather because the hardware that Nintendo announced didn’t match up to most of the rumours of its existence over the last several months.

While the mythical “Switch Pro” was purported to offer 4K video, faster processors, more memory, and a host of other improvements, the console that will be released on October 8 really is centred on the inclusion of a better screen.


“Nintendo Switch (OLED model) does not have a new CPU, or more RAM, from previous Nintendo Switch models,” Nintendo told The Verge.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model zelda
Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Credit: Nintendo

The only other technological boosts that the OLED model will see is an increase in internal storage capacity, jumping from 32GB to 64GB, and “enhanced audio” from twin on-board speakers.

Given the increasing shift to digital distribution of games, many players will still likely want to add in their own MicroSD card to expand storage further – although a recent update should make managing space easier.

Sadly, the audio boost does not extend to support for wireless Bluetooth headphones, with Nintendo also confirming that players won’t experience any improved sound quality when using wired headphones or through TV speakers when the console is docked.

However, the dock – which sees a minor upgrade of its own, with a built-in LAN port for wired internet connections – will be backwards compatible with the existing Nintendo Switch console. Nintendo has also confirmed it will be selling the new dock separately, albeit only through its own online store.


“The white dock and black dock will be sold separately (no HDMI cable, no AC adaptor, not in a package) on the Nintendo online store. It will not be sold at retail,” the manufacturer told Digital Trends.

The dock, which has been shown in a striking white colour scheme and features rounded corners on the front, will also be available in black.

Elsewhere, a product marketing manager for Nintendo of America has commented on the new OLED model, suggesting people “stick with the current one if you’re not digging the screen.”