‘Tales Of Arise’ hits 55,000 peak players within two days of release

Tales of a rising player count

Bandai Namco’s latest JRPG Tales Of Arise was released on September 10 and has seen a considerable number of players jumping in.

Tales Of Arise is the latest game in the Tales Of series and seems to be the most successful already, at least on Steam. The game has over 55,000 peak players which it achieved in the afternoon of Saturday, September 11. This number is higher than the peak of all previous Tales games combined.

The game was previously delayed indefinitely due to coronavirus restrictions causing issues on development.


When we reviewed Tales Of Arise we gave it four stars out of five. “One of the best JRPGs in years, Tales of Arise isn’t perfect and suffers from a clumsy beginning but exciting combat and plenty of features that ensure it doesn’t mess about with your free time mean you’ll barely remember its issues.”

“While the general theme of Tales of Arise is far bleaker than other Tales games, focusing on far from subtle issues surrounding slavery and fascism, the tone for playing is far more action-packed than you’d expect from a JRPG. More vibrant than before, that’s even reflected in the series’ story highlights known as Skits.”

“These always give players a bit more insight into the relationships between characters with such skits opening up as you unlock certain parts of the game. They’re optional extras but worth pursuing and this time around, they feel a bit more dynamic. Presented as stylish vignettes, it feels more lively than the bland text boxes of before. Such liveliness feels completely different to those opening minutes where everything is so bland and downcast, ably demonstrating why it was worth sticking with.”

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