‘Taylordle’ puzzles out Taylor Swift lyrics in the style of ‘Wordle’

Please, ‘Wordle’ was my father

A version of Wordle that uses five-letter Taylor Swift lyrics, called Taylordle, has been released online.

Since the rocketing success of Wordle over the last month, many other versions of the five-letter-word-a-day game have been released. One focuses on lewd words, while others aim to capitalise on the game’s success and monetise it. Now, a version that uses Taylor Swift lyrics can be taken for a spin.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Taylordle can be played here. Announced by the Holy Swift Podcast, the game is, for all intents and purposes, the same as Wordle, except it uses lyrics from Swift’s library and ones fans may know.


“Calling all Swifties who Wordle,” began the podcast in a tweet. “Introducing… Taylordle, all of the words are part of the Swiftie universe.”

Holy Swift is a fan-hosted show with “three adult superfans dissect the entire Swift discography, song-by-song, in meticulous detail.” Each episode looks at one of Swift’s songs and attempts to examine the lyrics’ underlying significance and possible meaning.

Earlier in the month, it was revealed that the creator of Wordle, Josh Wardle, made the word-guessing game for his wife. After the game proved popular amongst his family, Wardle then released the game to the internet, and now different combinations of green blocks can be seen all over social media.

The creator of a five-year-old mobile app game, also called Wordle, donated recent proceeds from their massive spike in sales to charity. After 200,000 downloads in a week, the money was sent to a charity focusing on youth literacy.


In other news, a psychological reason has been found for why so many people seem to hate seeing Wordle guesses online, according to a behavioural and data scientist.