‘Team Fortress 2’ hits all-time concurrent player high after summer patch

The player count recently received an ÜberCharge

Team Fortress 2 has hit a new all-time concurrent player peak, shortly after its latest patch released.

Valve‘s long running multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2, has hit its all-time concurrent player record of over 150,000 players according to SteamDB, the highest it has been since December 2020.

Team Fortress 2 originally launched in 2007, but has only been supported in fits and starts recently.


Last week, the game received its first patch in over 100 days, which added the Summer 2021 Cosmetic Case and aimed to address the waves of cheaters and bots affecting the playerbase.

Players on the official Team Fortress 2 Reddit are conflicted over how effective the patch has been. User “SmrtassUsername” wrote that: “When I saw the dip in player count in the hour following the update, it revealed the truth and confirmed my own suspicions. That most people are overstating the amount of bots.”

Further down the the thread, another user “Titronnic” says: “there’s no way that the player count isn’t inflated by bots. Updates have stalled, and casual matches are ruined by ubiquitous cheaters. That’s not going to attract new players.”

Ultimately, the new patch is much smaller than the larger Halloween 2020 update, which saw a similar record player high, and whether Valve have finally eliminated bots or just postponed them remains to be seen.

In other news 343 Industries has given players an idea of what they can expect from Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer experience.


During an interview Halo Infinite’s head of creative, Joseph State, said that the game’s first season will be called “Heroes of Reach” and also confirmed seasons would last three months.