‘Team Fortress 2”s overdue update includes new summer cosmetic pack

Probably not enough to get the community excited though

After a record drought of new content, Valve has released a new update for Team Fortress 2.

Details were provided in full on the game’s official website yesterday (June 22), which stated that the update would be applied automatically upon restarting the game.

While not a significant update, players can nonetheless look forward to new cosmetics.


The update adds the Summer 2021 Cosmetic Case, which contains 18 new community-contributed items and six new community-created unusual effects.

The rest of the updates are geared towards “numerous security and stability improvements”, which aim to address cheaters and bots.

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2. Credit: Valve

For instance, there is now a cooldown before a player can create a vote when they join a match already in-progress. Meanwhile, kick votes will end early and automatically pass if the vote target leaves the match during the vote.

Other updates also include the fixing of bugs, such as clipping throughout maps, or an explosion splash being caught by objects.

The latest Team Fortress 2 update is modest compared to a huge Halloween update it received last year. Dubbed ‘Scream Fortress XII’, it brought four brand-new maps themed around the spooky holiday season.


The update proved so popular that the game reached its highest peak since 2012. It however remains to be seen whether the latest update will do much to excite the Team Fortress 2 community.

Elsewhere, frantic multiplayer battles being considered for Halo: The Masterchief Collection that would allow for between 40 to 60 players.

Producer Sean Swidersky mentioned mentioned the possibility during an official Xbox stream. Nonetheless he also raised certain issues of implementing such a change, such as incorporating older hardware.

It would also be interesting to see whether the traditional maps designed for 16 players could feasibly handle such high numbers.