‘Teardown’ developer adds new difficulty and accessibility options in update

Destruction for all!

Tuxedo Labs has released an update for their voxel heist sim  Teardown, which adds new accessibility and difficulty options.

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There are now six new options which allow players to adjust the difficulty of the game, in order create an experience that is fitting for them.


A message on the options screen says “We have done our best to balance the difficulty in Teardown to what we think is an appropriate level of challenge. If you think the game is too hard. too easy, or just want a more relaxed experience, you can make adjustments here.”

Developer Dennis Gustafsson tweeted a screenshot of the new difficulty options in Teardown saying: “I know there are mixed opinions about these kind of settings. Personally I’m very thankful when games offer them and there are many games I would just have quit playing without them.”

The options are split into both campaign and sandbox modes, the former letting you adjust alarm time, ammo count, whether damage is a factor, and the giving players the ability to skip missions.

Sandbox mode is similar, allowing you either enable or disable access to all missions and tools, regardless of whether they have been unlocked in the campaign mode or not.

Teardown is still in Early Access on Steam, and Gustafsson plans to have keep the title in early access throughout 2021, though release ultimately relies on player feedback.


Elsewhere, the Australian Classification Board has rated an iD Software title for M for Mature, citing ‘violence, online interactivity‘. There is currently no information about what ‘Project 2021B’ is, but the rating suggests it is multiplatform.

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