‘Teardown’ is adding scary new robots to frustrate heists

You'd best get to steppin'

In a recent Twitter post, game developer Dennis Gustafsson has shared a clip showing off some new robots designed to chase players across the map in Teardown.

The clip shows a player utilising the interactive environment of Teardown to flee from a pursuing robot.

The video (spotted by PC Gamer) showcases just how dedicated these robots will be to catching you. Not only does the robot survive a direct shot from a grenade launcher, but fans can also see “dynamic pathfinding” in action as the robot relentlessly finds a path around absolutely any attempt by the player to impede its path.


Gustafsson warns players to “Prepare for robots!” and in a follow-up Tweet adds that the pathfinding “will be fully exposed to Lua scripting.”

Teardown is a sandbox-driven heist game where you’re given the tools to approach objectives in whichever way you can think of. The Steam page notes that correctly carrying out the perfect heist can involve having to “tear down walls with explosives or vehicles to create shortcuts no one thought was possible.”

“Stack objects, build structures or use floating objects to your advantage. Take your time to create the most efficient path through the level and get ready to run.”

Teardown is currently available for £18.49 on Steam Early Access. It was noted that despite the game staying in early access for the rest of 2021, “the current state of the early access version is reasonably stable and playable.”


In other news, the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event will bring back classic maps Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, as well as add a host of new cosmetic items.

The event will run from June 29 to July 13 and also includes balance changes to a number of weapons and legends.

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