Next free ‘Teardown’ update is “the second half of the game”

Giant AI robots and a wire tool are also coming

Tuxedo Labs’ voxel-based destruction game Teardown has a significant update on the way that will include rocket boosters and giant spiders.

Teardown was released into early access on Steam last October. The voxel-based game allowed players to plan elaborate heists by carving efficient paths through levels and provided a destructive sandbox for players to mess with.

The game’s next update, labelled as “part 2”, will add to the game’s chaos by including rocket boosters. These items can be strapped to any object in the game and send it flying through walls, vehicles, and buildings.


Some were confused by the name “Part 2”, so developer Dennis Gustafsson clarified on Twitter. “since there’s some confusion: Part 2 is the second half of the game and will be released as a free update. Still no release date, but we’re getting there…”

A fan of Teardown replied to the tweet, saying that they remembered seeing giant spiders in an early tech demo. To this, Gustafsson responded that spiders were also coming in Part 2.

Another new tool coming in Teardown’s next update is the wire tool. This elastic piece of equipment can be used to tether two objects together. In a video demonstration, Gustafsson used the wire tool to lift a large bridge. However, the wires maintained tension, and when one was shot out, the rest pulled the bridge up in an improvised catapult.

Another video shows new AI enemies. These giant robots resemble the ED-209 from Robocop and come equipped with flamethrowers. They appear difficult to stop but can be affected by physics in the same way as the environment. In the video, a crane is used to topple the robot, but newly teased rocket boosters could also do the trick.


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