‘Teardown’ will release its part 2 update for free

Laser plus robot equals boom

Teardown, an early access destructible sandbox game by Tuxedo Labs, will receive its part 2 update free on December 2.

Tuxedo Labs’ Dennis Gustafsson, released a trailer today (November 24) showing off the long teased part 2 update to the voxellated destruction simulator Teardown. He tweeted last month that the new update would effectively be the “second half of the game”, but gave no date for its release.

In the tweets he showed off the  new “toy” for players to use the rocket boosters to send different objects flying across and through the map. In the thread when questioned about the giant spiders seen in the tech demo he clarified that these would also be coming in the update.


The latest trailer shows off a new area shrouded in snow with walking robots, large cranes, and lasers which can be guided by players using different prisms and mirrors. These items can also be combined, such as picking up the robots with the cranes, and the robots also appear to release flames. Tornadoes will also pick up objects and the player and hurl them around the map.

Another new area is shown which shows off a lush desert island. The trailer also displays a large array of guns such as a sniper rifle which can one shot robots from long distances. The rocket boosters seen last month are absent from this latest trailer as are the aforementioned spiders so we will have to see when the update comes out next week.

In other news, Steam‘s autumn sale started today (November 24) and games have received up to an 80 percent discount including some recent releases such as Exo One receiving a smaller discount, while critically acclaimed titles like Disco Elysium: Final Cut and big AAA titles like Cyberpunk 2077 saw respectable cuts at half off.

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