Techland asks fans to not play early retail copies of ‘Dying Light 2’

"We kindly ask you to wait until Feb 4th"

Dying Light 2 retail copies have gotten into some players hands early, so developer Techland are asking fans to not play it early.

Digital releases of games have no problems when it comes to releasing on time, but physical copies means that sometimes some players get their copies early. Some fans have had their Dying Light 2 copies early, which Techland have noticed, and are asking fans to refrain from playing the game before the official release date of February 4.

“Fellow survivors, we see that some of you got an access to the retail copies of Dying Light 2 before the release date (it’s this Friday, only 3 days left!),” said Techland. “We understand you want to starts exploring the City ASAP and we couldn’t be happier!”


“That being said, we kindly ask you to wait until Feb 4th as by that time you’ll also get access to all improvements and fixes we’ve implemented within last weeks and will introduce with the day 1 patch. That’s the way to experience Dying Light 2 the way it’s meant to be played.”

Whether the plea works or not is hard to say. But many fans aren’t happy at the news that Denuvo has been implemented in the game. Denuvo is a piece of anti tamper DRM technology that is meant to protect the game from piracy. But the tech is also known for massively slowing down performance in games, like in Tomb Raider and last year’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. 

Upon hearing the news, some fans demanded a refund, as they were upset to hear this so close to the game’s release. “Denuvo just got confirmed for Dying Light 2 and now I’m suddenly not looking forward to it so much,” wrote one fan. “Cancelling my pre order because of the sneakiness denuvo crap. How disappointing,” wrote another.

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