Technical difficulties extend ‘New World’ downtime

New World servers appear to be returning after extended downtime

Amazon Game Studios took down New World servers for maintenance, but technical difficulties extended the downtime by three hours.

Earlier today (October 6), Amazon Games Studio announced that it would be taking New World’s servers down for maintenance. This began at 11 AM BST and was expected to last for roughly four hours. Once each “World”, Amazon’s term for servers, completed its maintenance period, it would be brought up as soon as possible.

However, when the time came for servers to come back up, New World’s community manager posted, saying, “We need to extend the ongoing maintenance early for another hour and expect worlds to come back online at approximately Today 4:00 PM. Thank you for your patience.”


This was followed by another delay in which the community manager said that “Unfortunately, we are having some technical difficulties and need to extend the maintenance for two more hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support.”

No details were given beyond technical difficulties, and after the further two hours of downtime, it appears that servers are coming back online, with the latest update saying, “We are slowly bringing worlds back online. Stay tuned and thanks again for your patience.”

Routine downtime is typical for online games as it allows developers to make tweaks to settings and ensure that everything is still in sync after long periods of uptime. However, a series of delays like this could be problematic if they continue into New World’s future.

The patch notes for the update are pretty slim, with the main addition being the reworked AFK detection. This system is used to detect inactive players who continue to take up New World server space by tricking the game into thinking they are still playing. The new system shouldn’t affect those who are playing normally and could reduce server queue times.


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