‘Tekken’ modder transforms the game into an ‘Elden Ring’ brawler

'Tekken' creator Katsuhiro Harada called the 'Elden Ring' mod "ridiculously well made", but says there are "many people who think this is official"

A Tekken 7 modder has released ‘The Ultimate Elden Ring Modpack‘, which replaces the game’s fighters with characters from Elden Ring.

As visible on Tekken Mods (via PCGamesN), The Ultimate Elden Ring Modpack is a cosmetic mod made by Ultraboy that reskins Tekken‘s playable fighters to look like Elden Ring characters. Right now, the mod adds eight presets for eight characters.

In the mod, Tekken‘s Marduk is replaced by Elden Ring‘s infamously brutal boss Radahn, while Kazumi is swapped out for Ranni the Witch. Lee is reskinned to become Elden Ring‘s Prisoner class, while Lidia is switched out with Melina.


Other characters in the mod include Iron Fist Alexander, one of FromSoftware‘s lobster enemies, Malenia, and the Raging Wolf armour set. Even Torrent, the horse from Elden Ring, appears as a reskin for Kazumi’s Tiger.

If you’d like to see the mod in action, the video below shows the mod’s Elden Ring characters beating up Tekken fighters.

Since being uploaded yesterday (March 30), The Ultimate Elden Ring Modpack has been viewed thousands of times, and over 400 players have downloaded it.

The mod has even drawn a response from Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada, who also served as production general manager for Elden Ring. In a Tweet, Harada said that it’s “ridiculously well made” but expressed concern over members of the Tekken community believing it’s an official crossover, as Bandai Namco publishes both games.

Harada added that although he doesn’t mean players should stop using the mod, there are “many people who think this is official” and asked people to keep that in mind.


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