‘Terraria’ and ‘Don’t Starve’ crossover update is out now

Eye see what you did there

Klei and Re-Logic have teamed up to release a crossover between Terraria and Don’t Starve with the two games trading bosses.

Terraria’s latest update adds a new world seed that allows players to create a new game that includes mechanics and features from Don’t Starve. Players will find themselves in a world with new lighting and shaders inspired directly from Don’t Starve. They will also need to stay in the light, as adventuring too long in the dark can lead to abrupt death. To access the world, players need to use “The Constant” as their world seed when creating a save.

Players will find Terraria filled with new Don’t Starve inspired items like Lucy The Axe and new pets and summons to play with. The Deerclops boss has also made its way across. Players can find the foe in the ice biome, and summoning him will provide you with a unique fight complete with music from Klei themselves.


Meanwhile, Don’t Starve has received new recipes inspired by Terraria. The frozen banana daiquiri and bunny stew can be created in the crockpot. New world settings and presets allow players to bring the two games together with a unique atmosphere.

The Eye Of Terror has also made its way into Don’t Starve’s world. The classic Terarria boss can be defeated to acquire milky whites and the eye mask. This new mask lets players turn their heads into terrifying renditions of the Eye Of Terror.

Alongside the Eye Of Terror, a new ocular critter has been added. The Friendly Peeper can be found across the map. A three piece character set has also been added, inspired by Terraria’s merchant. The items cannot be purchased and must be woven with a spool.

In other news, Minecraft’s Cliffs and Caves Part Two has an official release date for later this month.

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