‘Terraria”s Labor Of Love patch brings upside-down worlds and new items

Labor Of Love patch notes reveal some big changes for the game - including loadouts and the ability to transform into a wolf

Terraria developer Re-Logic has released the Labor Of Love patch, which adds a host of content including new items, an overhaul to melee, an upside-down world seed, and the ability to transform into a wolf.

The patch was released earlier today (September 28), and Re-Logic’s Labor Of Love patch notes reveal that it’s an extensive update for the 2D game.

Acknowledging melee’s “reputation for being underwhelming and a bit of a struggle to use,” Re-Logic explains that “many melee weapons have seen numerical improvements in raw damage use time, reach.” Additionally, broadswords have been given local immunity frames to stop them blocking their own projectiles, while flails will hit significantly harder.


Terraria patch 1.4.4. labor of love update
Terraria. Credit: Re-Logic.

These weapon changes will be put to good use in Labor Of Love, as the Golem and Duke Fishron bosses have been made “a bit more challenging” thanks to some changes that Re-Logic encourages players discover for themselves.

There’s also a new line of “Town Slimes” to encounter, which can be easily identified thanks to “their penchant to attempt to dress up and try to fit in with Terrarian society.”

“This cast of characters is packed with personality, and players who are brave and clever enough to seek them out during their adventures will have the chance to have all eight Town Slimes move in to their towns/bases,” adds Re-Logic.

Additionally, Terraria’s Labor Of Love patch brings several new types of block to build with, and a range of “useful items” – including an upgraded Clentaminator (the Terraformer), a teleporting device called the Shellhpone, new tools for building, and Lilith’s Necklace – which lets players transform into a wolf.

Terraria. Credit: Re-Logic.


Besides all of that, Labor Of Love brings an overhaul to the Pumpkin Moon event and a range of long-requested quality-of-life features. That involves an improved Void Bag, switchable loadouts, and significantly increased max limits to “most” stackable items.

Finally, several new world seeds have been added – including the ‘Don’t Dig Up’ seed, which drops players into an upside-down world where they start the game deep underground.

As the player ascends into “The Up”, however, the threats will magnify exponentially until they reach the Surface – a truly horrifying and inhospitable place that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned Terrarian,” teases the patch notes. “Rethink everything you know, but Don’t Dig Up unless you are prepared for what comes next!”

In other news, Valheim has added “full cross-play support” in its latest patch.

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