Tesla sends out update to stop drivers playing games

Now you can't go fast as you go fast

Tesla will remove the ability to play games on the centre touch screen while their vehicles are in motion.

According to a report by The Guardian, less than a day after a U.S. car safety regulator announced it would be investigating Tesla for allowing drivers to play video games, the company has announced it will send out an update preventing them from being played while the car is moving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have announced that the company will send out an update which prevents anyone using the function called “Passenger Play” while the vehicle is in motion. This change will be implemented across all four models which have this function.


“Passenger Play will now be locked and unusable when the vehicle is in motion.” it announced.

Tesla owner Vince Patton filed the complaint after discovering the ability to play games in his car. “I was just dumbfounded that, yes, sure enough, this sophisticated video game came up, – Somebody’s going to get killed. It’s absolutely insane,” he said.

The “Passenger Play” feature was initially disabled when the car was moving, but Tesla changed this in December 2020. The company has now felt the pressure to reverse this decision after the complaint and the following investigation.

Recently, Tesla teamed up with Sega to make the original Sonic The Hedgehog playable in their cars. This will still be possible after the update but only when the car is stationary. There are a number of popular games which are available inside a Tesla including Cuphead and Stardew Valley.


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