‘The Ascent’ bug causes an accidentally good first person mode

Play the game from down on the street

While there’s no known way to replicate the bug, one fan of The Ascent has discovered a bug that accidentally allows the game to be played in first person.

The bug was first posted on the Xbox Series X SubReddit (and spotted by GamesRadar), and shows the afflicted player running through a firefight entirely in first person.

There are notable issues like camera clipping through the player’s skull and a lack of any skybox – it is, of course, a bug – but still shows an interesting (if unintentional) angle for The Ascent to be played from.


However, as many have noticed in the replies, the accidental first person mode doesn’t actually look too bad – with many suggesting that developers Neon Giant should perhaps even consider making it an official option in The Ascent.

As one user points out, “that looks pretty damn good, apart from the skybox” while another adds “it doesn’t even look that bad other than the camera clipping your dude”.

Another person (which you can view above) has also captured footage of their time in the bugged first person mode, explaining that while they don’t know what caused it, they were playing co-op on an unpatched version when “somehow I got into this after a cutscene, no intention from my side.”

In our recent review of The Ascent, we found it brought “chaotic combat” and a “beautiful cyberpunk world”, but was let down by “boring characters” and not enough things to do outside of battle.

Neon Giant also confirmed this week that while the Game Pass for PC version is missing ray tracing and DLSS, it is unintentional and the team is working on a fix.


In other news, retro FPS Ultrakill has quickly become one of the top-rated Steam games of all time, with over 10,000 positive reviews. Developers New Blood Interactive took to Twitter to share their thanks.