‘The Ascent’ devs confirm Game Pass version is missing ray tracing and DLSS

"We are working with our partners on addressing this as soon as we can!"

Neon Giant has confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass for PC version of The Ascent is currently missing certain high-end graphics features, though the studio is already looking for a fix.

When The Ascent released last Thursday (July 29), PC players were quick to notice that ray tracing and DLSS (Nvidia‘s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology) were included in the Steam version but not in the Xbox Game Pass version.

Neon Giant has confirmed on Twitter that while the features are currently missing from the latter version, the issue “is being looked at, with the intent of fixing it/bringing it to parity with Steam across the board”.


As spotted by EuroGamer, Studio co-founder Tor Frick confirmed that “we are working with our partners on addressing this as soon as we can! and that “build processes are different for the two versions, not just a storefront swap”.

Frick also confirmed that The Ascent would not be receiving ray tracing on console versions, and would instead remain a “PC-only feature.”

The Ascent was made available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at launch, with Microsoft announcing it alongside 12 other “Xbox Series X optimised” games back in May.

NME gave The Ascent three stars, praising the game’s fun combat and beautiful world but criticising its lacking RPG elements. Overall, “the Ascent isn’t the game of the generation, but it is a lot of fun”, and is particularly worth playing “for fans of shooters or cyberpunk”.


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Over 2000 players were banned for abusing multiple exploits which included dashboarding (leaving lost games to avoid RP penalties) and an exploit allowing high-rank players to access bronze-rank lobbies to farm exp.