‘The Ascent’ now has ray tracing for PC Xbox Game Pass users

It'll look even better than before

Correction 18th August: Despite initial reports that The Ascent now offers DLSS within the Xbox Game Pass version of the game, this has been found to be incorrect. At this current time, The Ascent on Xbox Game Pass has ray tracing support but no DLSS.

The Ascent‘s first patch has been released and introduces ray tracing for PC players using Xbox Game Pass, amongst other performance and stability fixes.

Released just over a week after the game’s launch, the patch fixes the lack of ray tracing and DLSS that PC users of Xbox Game Pass were very unhappy about. While ray tracing and DLSS featured in the Steam version of the game, the visual settings were missing from the Xbox Game Pass version until now.


As the patch notes explain, the update also fixes issues affecting co-op players, including crashes, controller issues on menus, as well as weapon replication bugs.

Outside of the all-important ray tracing correction, this is mostly a long series of bug fixes. The Ascent has already featured some inadvertently intriguing bugs including the ability to play the game in first person on Xbox Series X, a glitch that no one has been able to replicate since.

Such issues haven’t been a problem for The Ascent developer, Neon Giant, however with the game making $5million during its launch weekend alone.

It was Steam’s top seller during its opening weekend. Neon Giant released a statement explaining that the team “have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the community and all our players. As a small team of twelve, creating The Ascent has taken a monumental effort, and we cannot express how grateful we are to everyone who has played the game and given us feedback.”

The $5million figure does not include any money made for including the game on Xbox Game Pass at launch and solely represents sales revenue on PC and Xbox.


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