‘The Binding of Isaac: Repentance’ has a hidden online co-op mode

It is dangerous to go alone

Modders found a functioning online co-op mode in The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance shortly after the title released last week (March 31).

A launch command titled “networktest” was found by modders shortly after the game launched. Executing the command allows plays to start online co-op sessions via the title’s debug console. This is the first time online co-op has officially appeared in The Binding Of Isaac series.

The team behind The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance has not officially announced online co-op in any capacity. Therefore, this mode is a work in progress and unstable. Bugs commonly occur, including issues with synchronisation.


There are other methods of playing The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance co-op. Utilising the various remote play functions across PC and PS4, players can team up via a host PC which creates a local co-op session.

Additionally, the Binding Of Isaac community also uses Parsec to play online cooperatively. Parsec is a free desktop capturing software which allows users to stream and interact with video over the internet.

The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance Screenshot
The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance Credit: Edmund McMillen

The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance is the latest DLC addition to the procedurally-generated RPG shooter. Originally released in 2011 for Windows PC, the game would receive a number of ports, updates and DLC additions based on fan feedback and input.

The game’s lead developer, Edmund McMillen, rose to fame after starring in Indie Game: The Movie. The Kickstarter-funded movie followed the lives of several independent game developers in the run up to game releases.

In the movie, McMillen is seen working on Super Meat Boy ahead of its Xbox Live Arcade release. The game sold over one million copies globally, setting a new standard for how well independently developed games could perform.


Elsewhere, Outriders developer People Can Fly confirmed yesterday (April 10) that it would hold a mass restoration event to return players’ lost gear.

The announcement follows news that players have reported losing entire inventories, and countless hours of progress in the process.

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