‘The Callisto Protocol’ developers have been looking at real-life horror and gore

The horror game is set to release this December

The team behind the upcoming The Callisto Protocol has apparently looked at real-life horror and gore for the game’s development.

Striking Distance Studios chief creative officer Chris Stone spoke with PCGamesN about the upcoming horror title’s inspirations (via VG247), and outside of the “obvious influences” of games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Stone said the team got some real-life examples as well.

“We’ve found ourselves looking at a lot of real-life examples of horror and gore. While these were a lot less fun to research, it was some of the most memorable and valuable content when it came to creating realistic visuals and experiences.”


The adverse impacts of viewing real-life gore for video games were highlighted in a 2019 Kotaku report surrounding the developers of Mortal Kombat 11, with one developer saying they were diagnosed with PTSD after being surrounded by violent cinematics and reference materials during development.

The Callisto Protocol
The Callisto Protocol CREDIT: Striking Distance Studios

Stone was also the animation director on Dead Space, the game which The Callisto Protocol is clearly acting as a spiritual successor to, as many of the developers from the former are working on the latter.

“All those ideas we had years ago on Dead Space that we couldn’t do because the hardware couldn’t keep up, now we can do them and it’s amazing,” explained Stone.

In another recent interview, Stone said that Striking Distance Studios would “love” for The Callisto Protocol to become a franchise, much like Dead Space did way back then.

The Callisto Protocol comes to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this December.


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