‘The Callisto Protocol’ cut ‘PUBG’ link due to narrative “difficulty”

As Schofield said, it was "a bit out there"

The concept of The Callisto Protocol and PUBG: Battlegrounds being set within a shared universe was scrapped as Striking Distance, developers of the former, felt tying together both games was too “difficult”.

Upcoming horror shooter The Callisto Protocol was originally planned to take place within the shared universe of PUBG Battlegrounds as both games are being published by Krafton. However, after Striking Distance requested to remove the PUBG Battlegrounds connection from the game, Krafton allowed them to do so.

As reported by PCGN, the original plan to link both games would have involved a 400-year gap between the events of both narratives. Striking Distance’s chief technology officer Mark James shared that “the connection would have taken away from the Callisto universe” and as a result, they decided not to pursue it.


Game director Glen Schofield has previously said that upon trying to link the narratives of PUBG and The Callisto Protocol, Striking Distance realised the concept was “a little out there” and dropped it as a result. Schofield also shared that his upcoming game will still make reference to PUBG through Easter Eggs.

Striking Distance has expressed interest in making a Callisto Protocol franchise with the studio’s chief creative officer saying they’d “love” to see the series expand after the release of the first game. That being said, the studio is solely focused on creating the game for now.

The Callisto Protocol is often referred to as the spiritual successor of Dead Space. This is both because of Dead Space creator Glen Schofield’s direction of the game and also because of the major similarities one can observe between both games.

The Callisto Protocol releases on December 2 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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