The ‘Elden Ring’ theme has been moulded into 15 different genres by one composer

Lo-fi 'Elden Ring'? Sure why not

Composer Alex Moukala has remixed Elden Ring’s main theme into 15 different musical styles, with each more impressive than the last.

The genre-hopping experiment was uploaded to YouTube yesterday (May 11) and contains everything from melodic guitars to hardcore metal.

“What if Elden Ring took place in a multiverse where the game’s genre (and its soundtrack) keep changing?” Moukala writes in the video.


Many musical genres are covered, including: Spanish guitar, nu-disco, symphonic metal, smooth jazz, lofi hip hop, darksynth, movie trailer compositions, a piano solo, baroque, reggae, house, french house, and trap crossed with traditional Japanese music.

The track can be downloaded on Moukala’s Patreon here, as long as you’re a supporter of their work. “I may upload this remix in the future on my Spotify,” says Moukala in the video’s comments. “Since this one was done 100 per cent by hand and doesn’t sample the original track directly, which is what I usually do on my funky covers because of time constraints”.

Elden Ring Godrick
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware.

Moukala’s channel is filled with more video game music remixes and professional reactions, including their analysis of Persona 5’s ‘Last Surprise’ – which breaks down the track’s melodies and how it was written in a way to instantly heighten any battle in the game.

The channel even has a video where famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu reacts to Moukala’s own cover of a song from Final Fantasy 7, which is definitely worth a watch as well.


For those interested, Moukala’s YouTube channel can be found here, with new videos taking a look at your favourite video game music released all the time.

In other news, both Starfield and Redfall have been delayed into 2023 by Bethesda. Each title is currently set to release in the first half of next year.

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