‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Deadlands DLC is out November 1

It wraps up a year's worth of storytelling

The Elder Scrolls Online‘s Gate of Oblivion campaign will conclude November 1 with the release of the Deadlands DLC.

In a live stream event last night (October 2), Bethesda revealed that the final DLC will launch for the PC, Mac and Google Stadia on November 1. PlayStation and Xbox players get access to the DLC on November 16.


The stream revealed that Deadlands will mark the end of the year-long Gates of Oblivion storyline with a 20-hour finale. The DLC will include The Burn, which features “molten rivers, flame-infused beasts, and towering metal spires”. It also includes The Sever, which is a never-before-seen area promising fierce storms and winds.

Deadlands will also include Fargrave, one of the biggest cities in the game. Bethesda called it a “mystical desert metropolis”. The area allows players to craft, buy and sell goods while travelling between realms. It’s also roofed by a massive skeleton.

Deadlands can be purchased through the in-game Crown Store or it’s available at no extra cost for The Elder Scrolls Online Plus subscribers.

It’s the largest update to the game since the Blackwood update in June which added a new region and player companions. The previous Gates of Oblivion update, Waking Flame, introduced new dungeons amongst other additions.

As part of the stream, Bethesda also announced the game has reached player numbers of over 19 million since it launched in 2014.

Currently, the Bounties of Blackwood event is running in The Elder Scrolls Online with players able to get their hands on a number of unique rewards. Available until October 12, players can acquire cascading bounty boxes, as well as a mystery prize.


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