‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ will be the first game to use Nvidia’s DLAA upgrade

ESO is getting a makeover after seven years

The Elder Scrolls Online will be getting a makeover this year, as the MMO will be the first game to use Nvidia‘s DLAA (Deep Learning Anti Aliasing) software to improve how Tamriel looks.

As well as DLAA, The Elder Scrolls Online will additionally be receiving DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support. DLAA will first be tested in the public test server and will be available in update 32 alongside DLSS.

DLSS allows players to render the game at a lower resolution and then uses AI to upscale how everything looks, meaning that users should get a performance boost without affecting how DLSS-enabled games look.


Meanwhile, DLAA uses the same AI upscaling system but does not require a lower-resolution input. This means that while it can be more intensive to run, games should look significantly better.

Speaking on a livestream two days ago (September 17), creative director Rich Lambert confirmed that DLAA would allow for “incredible anti-aliasing”. In terms of requirements, Lambert said that “you need the RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 series cards in order to take advantage” of DLAA.

As spotted by PC Gamer, lead graphics engineer Alex Tardif described the addition of DLSS as a “welcome lift to our now seven-year-old MMO” and stated that because those with RTX cards are running The Elder Scrolls Online “at high FPS already”, DLAA works well to make the game look a bit better.

Tardif added that DLAA is “not something every game would need, but for ESO, it just made sense”.


In other news, Sega seems to be teasing a new RPG for mobile platforms. From a short teaser posted by the company, the upcoming title appears to be a smartphone-based fantasy game that will heavily feature traditional pen-and-paper RPG systems.