The Epic Games Store’s next weekly free game has been revealed

Can you keep your family alive?

Epic Games continue their weekly giveaway of free games, and the next one on the list will be available on September 9.

Currently, Yoku’s Island Express is available to download for free and will be up until September 9. It will then be replaced by Sheltered, which will be free until September 16.

Sheltered is a post-apocalyptic survival game where players must manage resources to keep their family alive inside of their underground shelter. However, it isn’t just food and water that must be acquired. Players will have to ensure that their families are kept comfortable and do not suffer from being trapped, which can cause problems like claustrophobia and radiation.


Sheltered also allows players to head out into the wasteland on the surface. Here they can gather supplies or repair vehicles to get around quicker. However, they aren’t the only survivors, and not all of them are friendly. The game uses turn-based combat to deal with threats when there is no other choice but to fight.

You can also bring a pet into your shelter, and players can choose between a dog, cat, fish, snake, or horse. Players can also recruit outsiders to bring into their shelters as well who will each have unique personalities.

Sheltered is currently unavailable to purchase on the Epic Games Store, but Steam has it listed for £9.99. Sheltered 2 was announced earlier this year and will arrive on Steam on September 21.

Sheltered 2 builds on the systems introduced in Sheltered, but instead of casting the player as a family trying to get by, Sheltered 2 lets players become the leader of a faction. They will have to manage the base’s supplies, including preventing everything from starvation and dehydration to radiation poisoning.


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