The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse have come to ‘Minecraft’

A new data pack adds Death, Famine, War, and Conquest

A player-created data pack adds four new items to Minecraft, each one inspired by The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse.

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Created by Whimzee, each item takes influence from Death, Famine, War, and Conquest and allows players to summon a horse with a unique, special ability.


“These horses are the best horses you’ve ever seen,” Whimzee said in a video showing off the pack, as they can run faster than a regular horse and jump six blocks high. “The real fun comes with the special abilities” though.

Death, as you’d expect, comes in the form of a scythe that summons a dark cloud to kill everything in their path. Meanwhile, Famine emits a poisonous cloud that saps the strength from surrounding mobs, eventually causing them to die from starvation. The Conquest item is a bow that fires plenty of flaming arrows, while War is a broadsword that summons floating blades that also fire lasers.

According to the creator, “the new abilities are crazy over powered and tons of fun.” Check them out in action below.

Once the pack is added to Minecraft, players just need to type “/reload” to be given a guidebook. Clicking on the item will then cheat it into the game. The items cannot be crafted but players have a 10% chance of obtaining one every time an Enderman is killed.

It was recently discovered that a combination of mods can now transform Minecraft‘s visuals into something resembling a AAA game with Pixar-style visuals. However, achieving these results appears to come at the risk of being too much work for even the most powerful GPUs.


In other news it’s been confirmed that Minecraft Live will return this year, kicking off in October.

“Filmed live and beamed across the world via the internet. The show is packed with juicy Minecraft news, content creators, and will include a pre-show and community vote to actually influence the game,” says the official Minecraft website. Last year, the planned in-person Minecraft Festival was scrapped due to COVID-19 and replaced with a virtual event.