The giants in ‘Skyrim’ were modelled after the artist’s dad

"RT if you've killed my dad"

It appears that those giants in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim were apparently modelled after the creator’s dad.

Skyrim character artist Jonah Lobe, the designer behind many of the game’s creatures and races in the game including the dragons, revealed that he modelled the Giants after his dad (thanks GamingBible).

“I created the #Skyrim Giant to look like my dad – no, I’m not joking,” Lobe said on Twitter in 2018. “Which means that my dad has been killed millions of times all over the world.


At the time, the artist also shared a gif of the 3D rendering of the Giant, as well as a photo of his dad who does in fact look quite similar to the creatures in the game.

Truly an intresting fact! from gaming

As for the reason why he made this artistic decision, Lobe explained in a new Reddit thread. “I wanted the Giants to give you the same sense of awe from when you were a kid and you saw your parents walking around.

“I gave him large, weathered hands and a somewhat tired expression. I did not want the player attacking them because they looked ‘aggressive’ or monstrous,” he continued. “I wanted them to look like gentle shepherds who lived for 200+ years and slept under the stars.”

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